Today’s hi–tech high–speed world demands that you communicate with impact in order to engage your audience, leave an impression or change performance.

Custom Designed eMail Newsletters

Specific Targeted Content Ahead

The people you communicate with, employees, drivers and customers, have expectations that far exceed the old quarterly safety mailing or the standard customer flyer explaining your services.

Why Use An Outside Resource?

You can create and distribute your own eMail newsletter. There are websites that offer design templates, clip art and the ability to manage recipient lists. If you have the time to devote to self publishing and the results meet your expectations then there’s no need to consider a custom designed email newsletter.

What resources do you have to effectively manage the flow of information and also select the most appropriate design? How will your communications take advantage of emerging technology? How effectively do your communications tie in with other company initiatives?

Your Company Resource combines trucking industry and design experience to create effective custom email newsletters. We manage the entire process and ensure that the finished product effectively communicates the core values of your organization.

We're ready to meet your needs!

Communicating Your Culture

All companies have a culture that’s best summed up as “the way we do things around here.” Regardless of who you are communicating with, one of the most important messages is defining your culture and what the expectations and benefits are.

“the way we do things around here”

Before drafting your next communication piece, you might want to spend some time jotting down some notes about the company’s culture, the way it does things, what is valued, and what the objectives are. Putting this information in writing gives you a framework to use when assessing how effective your communication strategy is.

Of course “communication” involves all manner of dispensing information. It can be a conversation between a dispatcher and driver, driver safety meetings are important communication tools, as well as periodic email and printed messages to your fleet. Don’t overlook the fact that the orientation you hold for new drivers is an important opportunity to communicate the company’s culture and talk about what’s valued and how those values are expressed.

Regardless of how you communicate, starting with a good understanding of the company’s culture will ensure that your messages are consistent and that they lead the recipients of the message to a better understanding of the safety outcomes that are expected.