An important advantage of using a PowerPoint truck safety program is that key points are presented consistently even if you have multiple presenters.

PowerPoint Truck
Safety Programs

Specific Targeted Content Ahead

Power Point programs can increase participant involvement as well as retention of key learning points. These results stem from the fact that a well crafted presentation contains elements designed to involve the participants and reinforce the message with visuals. If you haven’t done so already, consider using Power Point to increase the effectiveness of your truck safety programs.

Why Use An Outside Resource?

You can certainly craft your own Power Point program but will it be optimally designed for maximum impact? What access do you have to photographs and graphics to illustrate your points? Imagine the impact if that presentation was created by an outside resource using custom graphics, photographs and designs all effectively executed to emphasize key learning points tailored to your needs.

Outsourcing: A Positive Impact

Pros and Cons


People see the message in addition to hearing it. Interest and retention are increased.


Resist the temptation to put your entire message on the slides. The information on the screen should be used to support what you’re saying by using key words, graphics and photos. Content heavy slides invite the audience to read the slides and tune out the presenter.

Truck Defensive Driving Power Point


Unlike video, Power Point presentations are relatively inexpensive and can easily be altered at any time.


Just like any presentation method, it can be overused. You should consider having the screen go black during some portions of your presentation to focus the audience's attention on what you’re saying.


When used properly Power Point invites interaction with the audience which reinforces your message and increases retention.


The presenter must be comfortable leading a discussion rather than reading a prepared script. They must be able to expand on the key points presented on the Power Point slides.