Use these free resources to support and enhance your safety message.

PowerPoint Programs

These materials are not stand–alone plug and play modules. They’re designed to present core safety concepts in an active participation meeting setting led by a presenter. This style of training enhances retention and holds the participant’s attention while the program and presenter guide them to the desired solution.

Rear End Crash Power Point

Rear End Crash Trailer Damage

Rear end crashes have a high probability of being severe, both in terms of the human cost and claim settlement costs. This power point presentation examines an actual crash, the causes and the outcome. The format is designed to present the facts and then lead into a discussion of the causes and prevention options. The presenter can take an active role in guiding the participants to conclusions that they can implement to help them avoid a similar crash.

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Highway–Rail Crossing Safety Power Point

Truck At Railroad Grade Crossing

Use this Power Point to train drivers on the highway–rail crossing regulation added in 2013. This regulation prohibits a truck from entering a rail crossing unless it can cross completely without stopping. This could potentially make some crossings off limits for trucks. Download this program and use it to discuss this important safety regulation with your drivers.

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Narrated Videos

These videos have been developed to feature important safety messages targeted to profesional commercial motor vehicle drivers. The truck–specific information provides your drivers with tips and skills that will improve safety in real–world situations. With a running time of 5 to 8 minutes they're short enough to fit into any driver meeting, but long enough to effectively present the message.

Crash Preventability

A Step Beyond Fault

Many times post crash conversations tend to center around a discussion of fault. However, if the intent is to discover and address root causes, it's important to look beyond fault and examine preventability. Approaching a crash from this perspective puts into play important defensive driving techniques. This video uses real world situations to illustrate how to avoid driving into a bad situation and being involved in a crash.

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Speed and Space Management

Recognizing and Adapting to Changing Conditions

This module explores the defensive driving tactic of "managing" the space around you. Although professional drivers can't control the actions of others, they can remain aware of vehicles around them and take proactive action to avoid driving into a bad situation. It's this awareness and anticipation of possible future events that sets professional drivers apart.

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Following Time & Stopping Distance

A Critical Part of Defensive Driving

Although we've all been trained to think in terms of following distance, this module examines the subject in terms of time. Maintaining a safe distance from traffic ahead is a critical part of defensive driving. This module also takes a look at the various components that add up to a vehicle's total stopping distance. With a running time of six minutes there's room in your next safety meeting for this important discussion.

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Safety Around School Buses

Important Defensive Driving Message

This five minute training module uses an important subject to illustrate the importance of defensive driving and avoiding distractions. This module is long enough to convey the message with impact but short enough to fit into any safety presentation.

This video includes on–board video of a near–miss boarding accident with a truck and discussion points at the end.

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